Ground Environment PROFESSIONAL


Here are some examples to help show the different effects you can get in the same time and situation using GE PRO. This first shot shows some of the sets I made earlier.



This next shot here shows an example over Hawaii using the default scenery for FS9. This first shot below; shows a tropical sky in clear conditions. Note: the aircraft is bright as is the ground. The sky textures and ground textures here are both GE PRO in clear conditions and are both working with each other to cause this look. Ground is a little brighter and less blue and a touch more color and brightness. Note also we are using a softer horizon in these shots which you can adjust if you want to be a more defined harder look.



Next shot below, shows the same situation with some clouds. In this example we show the ground is a little more blue and a touch darker than the first shot. The shadows on the aircraft are also a little darker. Note also the sky in this example is a little more colorful which is due to the random element of how the GE PRO application makes and selects the sky. Again note we are using a softer horizon again.



Next shot below now shows an overcast condition. Note now the aircraft shadow and ground and clouds have all become darker and moody. In this example we are also showing a blue hue to the ground which is very typical in overcast conditions. Just for the record you may like to know the water reflection set here was generated by Flight Environment to give a more grey look. We've also used FE for clouds.



In the next shot below we show how moody this overcast situation can look with some care.



Now for some of the more clever advanced features of GE PRO. Let's say you want to try and get a really moody look and don't know how to.

Don't worry. You simply go to the GE PRO weather control and use the weather finder to look for say a thunderstorm.



GE PRO will now automatically install matched ground and sky textures to help to give this look. When you go in game you go to the airport suggested. In this example we use Weather-Maker FX by Reed Stough which is still currently in beta but produces some of the most amazing cloud scapes imaginable.






Here are a few shots of the interface to help you get an idea of how easy this program is to use.


Here is the first opening screen.



And now how to make sky manually. This can of course be done automatically for you too if you want.

In this example we add some green hue to the horizon.



Below we show the kind of result adding some green to the horizon will produce. Note in this shot the green hue on the horizon and if you look it's very similar to the green in the colorize sky screen above.



Now for an example of how to make new ground sets. In this example below we are aiming for a clear condition making the ground a little more red and brighter also.



Here is how we think is a good way to make a ground texture set to look more overcast by adding some extra blue.



Of course not everyone wants to manually make ground sets so GE PRO can even make ground and sky sets for you in a fully automatic mode. Here is an example. Note the open box. All you do is type in how many of each type you want. You can always add more sets later.





The cost of GE PRO will be $49.95 but the good news is for existing GE Users they will get a $30 voucher which means they can upgrade from GE to GE PRO for just $19.95